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    Platform for Characterization &Test will be established as an open, highly effective, reasonable arrangement and resource sharing platform. We will configure large advanced scientific equipments and provides characterization, consultation and training service for the research institute and the enterprises nearby. Our target is to establish the top-ranking domestic, advanced world test platform; effectively improve the scientific research environment of Jiangsu Province's industry and the strength of enterprise nearby; comprehensively enhance the independent innovation ability of high-tech enterprises.
    Now there are seventeen fixed personnel in our platform, five of whom have the senior professional title. Personnel with Doctor‘s Degree is approaching 70% and five of them were recruited from the famous organization overseas. Also, some graduates from famous colleges and universities are accumulated in our platform.


    (1) Test Service
    We will configure a series of large advanced facilities which can characterize and test nano- scale single molecular and nano-structures. Simultaneously, We will extend theory calculation methods and closely combine them with experiments to provide comprehensive test service for different scientific researches in the SINANO, such as nano-devices and related materials, nano-biotech and nano-medicine, nano-bionics, nano-safety and so on.
    Also, we will integrate the test and analysis resources of Suzhou nearby and combine our nanofabrication platform and engineering development platform to greatly establish the public scientific service facility. We will aim at local and national programs and industrial need, provide a characteristics test service for nearby companies and make great efforts to be one of famous national test centers.
    (2) Equipment Innovation
    Associating with research departments, nanofabrication facility and nearby enterprises, we will develop novel equipments and new analysis methods to expand and improve the characterization range and capacities to meet different research requirements. We will also make great efforts to hold a series of leading characterization technologies and participate in the establishment of test criterion. Associating with engineering development facility and companies, we hope to develop the whole characterization equipments, achieve independent industrialization and ultimately break in the monopoly of foreign equipment supplier in high-tech test and analysis equipments.
    (3) Talent Cultivation
    We will recruit and cultivate a number of experienced scientific and technological staff. By participating in different projects and equipment development, their abilities will be enhanced quickly. At the same time, we will strengthen graduate education and develop professional talents for the country.
    By the way of person flow, We will absorb relevant personnel of different groups in SINANO to join in the projects and equipment innovation. Also, we will employ well-known domestic and overseas experts as short-term visitor, guest-research fellow or consultants to participate in and guide the work of Platform for Characterization &Test.

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