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        Electron Microscope Lab.
The Electron Microscope Lab. of SINANO have following instruments including: one Tecnai G2 F20 S-Twin field-emission transmission electron microscope, one Quanta400 FEG field emission scanning electron microscope, one Inspect S tungsten filament scanning electron microscope, one MonoCL3+ cathodoluminescence spectroscope with Liquid nitrogen cold stage and liquid helium cold stage, one SmartEBIC,and a full set of sample preparation tools. Therefore, it is possible to characterize the structure and composition of materials from the atomic scale and elucidate the relation between micro-structure and materials properties. And these instruments have wide application in the fields of material science, physics, chemistry and biology.
Our lab is open to all members of the SINANO and surrounding community and can not only provide experimental data but also help users to analyze the data. In the other hand, we will commit ourselves to summarize the knowledge and technique skills of electron microscopy and crystal structure and set up a data-base of electron microscopy.
Contact us:
Jin-ping Zhang: 0512-62872601(office);13776040796(mobile),

Xiong-hui Zeng: 0512-62872545;

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