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Associate Professor


Assistant Researcher

Research Assistant





Former members


    Now there are seventeen fixed personnel in our platform, five of whom have the senior professional title. Personnel with Doctor‘s Degree is approaching 70% and five of them were recruited from the famous organization overseas. Also, some graduates from famous colleges and universities are accumulated in our platform.

  Director Ke XU  
  Professor Jin-ping ZHANG   Ye CHEN  
  Guest-Research Fellow Hui-chun LIU   Shi-jie XU  
  Associate Professor Xiong-hui ZENG   Jian-feng Wang  
  Engineer Yong-xin QIU  
  Assistant Researcher Guo-Qiang REN   Tao-fei Zhou   Zheng-hui LIU   Lin SHI  
  Research Assistant Bin LI   Yu XU   Yu-min ZHANG   Xiao-jian HU   Kai HUANG   Hai-jian ZHONG   Lu ZHANG  
  Postdoc Xiao-jing GONG  
  Doctor Jun HUANG  
  Master Min Zhang   Zhi-gao WANG   Zeng-li HUANG   Shadow Liu  
  Intern Ming-yue WANG  
  Former members Zong-liang LIU   Yi-feng LIU  
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