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Ye CHEN Ph.D, Professor

     Dr. Chen got his PhD in the National superlattice and microstructure Lab. of semiconductor insititute, Chinese academy of science in 2000. He is mainly engaged in the growth and optical characterization of semiconductor quantum dot during my PhD studies. Then He went to work as a postdoc in Grenoble High Magnetic Field Lab. (CNRS) in France. He mainly studied the magneto-optical spectroscopy of II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductors in there. From 2003 to 2005 He worked in the university of tsukuba as a lectuer. He mainly studied the spin relaxation mechanisms of quantum dot. In 2005, He went to work in the Dalhousie University as a postdoc, help building the ultrafast spectroscopy lab. He went to work as a research associate in CUNY, USA in Oct. 2006. His main work is to help building an OPNMR system, which combined the femtosecond laser and NMR. Dr. Chen came back to work in SINANO in 2007 and is n charge of spectroscopy Lab. now
1. Optical characterization of low dimensional semiconductor.
2. Spin dynamics of semiconductor nanostructures et al.

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