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Regulations of instrument measurement of Platform for Characterization & Test (trying)

Release time】:2008/9/27

Mon to Fri 8:30-11:30AM & 1:30-5:30PM

a) On each Friday you could have a booking on any weekday of the next week if that time is free. We’ll check the measurement time with you on the basis of the number of your samples and the difficulty of measurement.
b) On each Tuesday you can contact us for a booking from Wednesday to Friday that week. Of course it must be free.
PS:We will come out with the free time at B6 every Monday morning.
c) Content of booking:
Booker, Tel/Email, Group, Name of sample, Size, Number,
How and what do you want to measure

3. How to contact us:
a) It’s better that if you can come to relevant LAB for your booking.(Suggestion)
b) Of course you can also give us a call.
PS: We couldn’t see the emails in time because of the work of measurement. So please don’t send us mail for your booking.
Linkman:     B105, SEM/TEM LAB                     Jingping Zhang, 0512-62872633
                                                                         Xionghui Zeng, 0512-62872545/2633
                                                                         Lu Zhang, 0512-62872554/2633         
                     B622, SPM LAB                             Zhenhui Liu, 0512-62872550
                                                                         Haijian Zhong, 0512-62872550
                     B624, Spectroscopy LAB              Ye Chen, 0512-62872603
                     B624, Optic-electronic LAB           Taofei Zhou, 0512-62872594
                     B623, Structure Analysis LAB       Yongxin Qiu, 0512-6287245/2551
                                                                         Kai Huang, 0512-62872551/2554
                     B608, Computing Center              Lin Shi, 0512-62872616
                                                                          Bin Li, 0512-62872654
4. Measurement:
a) It’s suggested that the measurement should be finished by the relevant operators during the trying period.
b) All the instruments will be widely opened for you. So you can take part in your measurement, choose the dif-ferent parameters to measure, and discuss results with the workers of the platform.
c) We will take records in detail for your measurements, so please give your signatures after measuring.

5. Measurement Data return:
It is strictly prohibit that copying the data with a flash disk. All the data will be sent back to you by email.

6. Information secrecy and confidentiality:
All the measurement information will be kept secret, including the data, records and booked content.

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